Things that make it easier to service

Refrigerators – Once we give you notification we are on the way to your house, it would be extremely helpful if you could empty your refrigerator.

Stoves –  Please do not run your stove up to temperature inside your service window unless asked to do so by a technician


Is it worth it to repair, or should I replace?

It is usually at least worth the service call to find out.   Appliances are getting more expensive     all the time, and sometimes can be fixed for the service call fee alone.

Should I unplug my appliance in the mean time.

It really helps us diagnose if you can leave the appliance plugged in.  Refrigeration especially is much easier to diagnose if it is left in it’s failed state.  Unplugging appliances for extended periods of time can erase stored codes.  Often the result of unplugging an appliance before a call is it will work perfectly when plugged back in, and fail within a few days of the service call.

I have a warranty, can I contact you directly?

Unfortunately most manufacture warranty and in home service plans will not allow us to initiate work orders.  We can put you on the schedule, but we will still need you to contact the service provider and make sure the work order is assigned to us (Rocky Mountain Appliance INC).