Busting Appliance Myths

From improper use to odd cleaning methods to using too powerful an appliance, we at The Appliance Doctor have heard it all when it comes to appliance myths. To optimize the performance and lifespan of your appliances, we’re here to bust several common myths about appliances. As always, if you need HVAC repairs or have questions about your HVAC system, know that we offer HVAC repairs and maintenance; call us at 970-623-0152. For all other appliance needs (kitchen appliances, washer/ dryer) reach out to us at 970-773-1000.

Appliance Myths

For Longer Life, Use Appliances Less Frequently

Appliances are especially built for consistent use. For example, the seal on dishwashers is designed to withstand damp conditions. With less use, the seal is more likely to dry and crack. Need dishwasher repairs or installation? Call us at 970.773.1000.

Appliances Don’t Use Power When in Standby Mode

When appliances are in standby or sleep mode, they are still using power, so turn off appliances when not in use.

Dirty Dishes Should Be Pre-Rinsed

Skip the pre-rinse and place dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. Why? Detergent is meant to cling to food particles, which means that dishes will be more thoroughly cleaned, if they are initially dirty.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Load a Dishwater

Dishwashers are designed a certain way for a reason. To ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned, glasses, cups, and plastic should go on the top rack, while plates and dishes on the bottom rack.

To Absorb Odors in the Fridge, Use Baking Soda

There are better options available than baking soda to absorb refrigerator odors. Try using activated charcoal, an all natural and super affordable option, available online. Need refrigerator or freezer repair? Call us at 970-773-1000.

Use an Old Fridge as a Second Fridge To Save Money

Within several years, the cost to power an older fridge will likely cost more than the price of a new, energy efficient fridge.

Cold Water Doesn’t Properly Wash Clothes

Today’s washers are designed to clean clothes in cold water. In fact, 90% of a washer’s energy goes to heating up water. So, to save money, wash clothes in cold water.

More Detergent Makes Clothes Cleaner

Using too much detergent can leave clothes with detergent residue, which can irritate skin. Less is more, so use the recommended amount of detergent.

The Bigger/ More Powerful the System the Better

Many folks assume that the bigger and/ or more powerful the appliance, the better, but this isn’t always true. For example, having an HVAC system that is too powerful for a residence can lead to reduced performance.