Common Refrigerator Issues

It’s easy to take the refrigerator for granted…that is until the appliance is leaking, freezes all foods, fails to cool, etc. In such cases, we at The Appliance Doctor are here to help! We provide expert refrigerator and freezer repairs for most makes and models. In this month’s newsletter we take a look at common refrigerator problems and their causes. For appliance repairs and needs (kitchen appliances, washer/ dryer), call us at 970-773-1000, and for HVAC repairs and maintenance; call us at 970-623-0152.

Common Fridge Issues and their Causes

Refrigerator Freezes Food 

This is one of the most common refrigerator issues, when your fridge freezes instead of simply cools foods. This is often a simple fix, as all you need to do is rotate the temperature control thermostat from lowest to highest. Listen for a distinct click, which indicates the thermostat is working. If you hear the click, set the thermostat at the desired setting. However, if there is no click, the thermostat may need to be replaced, so call us at 970-773-1000.

Refrigerator Is Warm

Refrigerators and freezers are obviously meant to stay cold, so any excessive heat should be immediately addressed. A warm fridge usually stems from an issue with the condenser coils, and is best addressed by professionals, so reach out to us for refrigerator or freezer repair.

Leaky Fridge

Water leaking from the fridge onto the floor usually stems from two causes. One is a blocked defrost drain, which is usually located on the back wall of the freezer. Food debris can block the drain, leading to ice buildup and leaks. To clear the blockage, use warm water to flush the drain from the inside. Pipe cleaners are also effective at manually removing any tough debris. 

The other reason for leaky fridges is a blocked or clogged water supply, which can cause the ice maker to malfunction and result in leaks. Unplug the fridge and locate the shut off valve (usually behind the fridge, under the sink, or in a crawl space or basement). Make sure the valve is closed. If you note any tears in the line, it will need to be replaced. As always, if you would prefer us to take an expert look, contact us at 970-773-1000.

Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work

A frozen water tube may be the culprit. Simply disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air into it. If no air passes through, the tube is frozen. Simply thaw out the tube, and set the temperature to 0-10 degrees F.

Fridge Increases Energy Costs

The fridge is by far one of the most energy intensive home appliances. If you see a sudden spike in your energy bill, your refrigerator could be the cause. Give us a call at 970-773-1000 and we’ll take a look at your fridge.