Making Appliance Repair Interesting

Appliance repair is inherently not the most entertaining subject in the world. But! We want to give you some interesting facts to use at your next party. And some things to think about next time you’re in your kitchen. 

Appliances are an amazing help to us, every day. They make life so much easier! It’s why we feel what we do every day, but repairing our customers’ appliances, is a big deal. Even though it’s such an “ordinary” thing. 

So! Here’s some fun facts for your own education on appliances. We hope you get to know them better, and they treat you well for a long time!


  • The first food to be cooked in a microwave was popcorn. It made for a great movie night. 
  • The microwave was accidentally invented in 1945 by Perry Spencer during radar research. He discovered microwave heating qualities when he noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket began to melt. 


  • All the refrigerators in the United States use as much electricity as two dozen (24) power plants.
  • Placing a sealed envelope in the refrigerator for about 1 hour will unseal it. Just in case you forgot to include something important!


  • Induction cooktops convert about 80% of its energy to the food in your pots and pans. Only about 40% of the energy is delivered from gas cooking. 
  • The original meaning of the word “stove” actually meant a heated room. 

Washers/ Dryers

  • An uncountable number of socks are lost each year to the washer/ dryer, nationwide. Theories abound, but to-date, science has provided no real answers as to why. 
  • A quarter of U.S. water supply is consumed by washing machines.


  • Ovens are often called “wall ovens” – even though they’re almost never actually installed into the wall. Instead, most are mounted into special cabinets, often designed to also match the rest of your kitchen decor. 
  • A toaster uses half as much as a full size oven. When you think about the size difference, and what each actually does… that’s crazy. 

Air Conditioning

  • Movie theaters were the first widespread public place to offer air conditioning. Sitting through a long movie is made a lot easier if you’re at a comfortable temperature – it helped sales, tremendously! In fact, this is where the term “Summer Blockbuster” originated from. 
  • Without AC, we wouldn’t have a number of medications available on the market today. Reason is that some medications require a cooled environment in order to be studied. Crazy how much appliances affect everything, right?

Range Hoods

  • At least 85% of American are not aware of the risks kitchen fumes carry.
  • Studies show that the average person spends almost 70% of their time at home. And homes that use gas stoves produce carbon dioxide emission levels far surpassing what’s healthy for humans. So, range hoods help reduce dangerous gas emission levels!