Prep Your HVAC System for Summer

Now that spring is here in Western Colorado, you know how fast the temperatures heat up. Therefore, it’s time to prep your HVAC system for summer. By taking the right steps, you can ensure that not only will your home be cool and comfy, but that your HVAC system is operating efficiently and safely. As always, we at The Appliance Doctor are here to help with any HVAC repairs, replacements, and maintenance, on both residential and commercial properties. Reach out to us at 970-773-1000.

Steps to Prep Your HVAC System for Summer

Remove Condenser Covers

While this may seem obvious, some folks neglect to remove the condenser cover. The result? Undue stress on the unit, which can severely damage the unit and lead to overheating. So, to avoid any costly repairs or replacements, (not to mention fire hazards), remove any coverings off AC units before you switch the AC on.

Clear Away Debris Around HVAC Units

While you’re outside removing the condenser covering off your AC unit, also clear away any sticks, leaves, and dirt on and around the unit. Doing so ensures that the AC unit runs smoothly, and prevents fire hazards.

Test the Thermostat

Don’t neglect checking the thermostat. Remove old batteries, and recalibrate if necessary.

Check Vents

Closed and/ or dirty air vents can affect air flow, resulting in your AC unit working harder than necessary. Clean off any dust, dirt, and pet hair.

Change Air Filters

Spring is a great time to change air filters, as more dust and dirt accumulate usually during the winter. Ideally, you should change your HVAC filters every 2-3 months, to optimize air flow and system efficiency.

Switch on the System

You’re removed any coverings, checked, cleaned, and opened vents, replaced filters, and tested the thermostat. Now turn on the system to check on air flow and cooling. If you note no cooling after a period of time, give us a call at 970-773-1000.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Did you prep your HVAC system, and it’s still failing to cool your home? Would you rather have a certified expert prep and check your HVAC system? At The Appliance Doctor, we’re proud to offer HVAC service, repair, and maintenance on all brands and models for heating equipment, air conditioning, and swamp coolers. Give us a call at 970-773-1000, or visit our website to schedule an appointment. You can rest assured that we’ll have your AC in working order, so you can stay cool this spring and summer!

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