We Offer Mini-Split Installation and Repairs

In previous newsletters we’ve talked about HVAC repair and maintenance services, as well as offered tips and tricks for starting up your HVAC system this summer. But did you know we at The ApplianceDoctor also offer mini-split installation and repairs? A form of HVAC, mini-split systems are another great option for heating and cooling, but what exactly is a mini-split, you ask? In this month’s newsletter, we answer this question and more, by presenting the FAQs on mini-split systems. If you have questions or need any appliance repairs or installations, reach out to us at 970-773-1000.

Mini-Split FAQs

What Exactly is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split provides temperature control to individual rooms or spaces (referred to as zones) within a building, whereas central air systems cool the entire building.

How Does a Mini-Split System Work?

Mini-split systems are comprised of two key components: an outdoor unit (condenser and compressor), and an indoor unit (evaporator). Instead of using a duct system, mini splits utilize thin copper tubing. And unlike traditional AC, mini splits can provide both heating and cooling.

How Are Mini-Splits Controlled?

To control the temperature and settings, mini-splits utilize a remote controller.

What are the Advantages of Mini-Splits Over Central Air Systems?

Since mini-splits are ductless, this system is especially great in buildings or rooms that do not have a duct system. For example, mini-splits are a great choice if you add a room or further extend your home.

Another benefit is that if you need to heat or cool just one room or area of your home, mini-splits are designed specifically for that, whereas with central air you must cool your entire home.

Do I Need to Change or Replace Any Components?

Yes, just like an AC system mini-splits require maintenance. For example, filters should be changed when dirty, while the coil and blowers should always be clean. For any mini-splits installation, repairs, and inspections, give us a call at 970-773-1000.

Are Mini-Splits Energy Efficient?

As mini-splits only cool a single room or area, rather than cooling an entire residence, they are energy efficient. In fact, the United States Department of Energy says that mini-split systems can save you as much as 30% on your energy bill. Keep in mind however that energy efficiency levels depend on how often the system is used, as well as how properly the system is maintained.

Is the Indoor Unit Big?

Aesthetics play a big part for many homeowners. Evaporators can vary in size, but they are not as big or intrusive as a furnace. Evaporators come in a variety of finishes and are often installed high up on a wall, to be as discreet as possible.