Winter Safety Tips for Appliances

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Winter Safety Tips for Appliances 

This time of year means increased usage of kitchen and heating appliances, which results in increased risk of kitchen and house fires. To keep you safe this season, we’ve rounded up some helpful winter safety tips for appliances. For any repairs or maintenance for your stove, oven, or refrigerator, call The ApplianceDoctor at 970-773-1000.

Kitchen Safety Tips

Clean your oven and stove

Ranges and cooktops are involved in 62% of home fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Stovetops and ranges, in particular, caused 87% of home fire deaths. Particularly in the winter when comfort foods are prominent, it’s necessary to clean your oven and stovetop to remove grease and fat, which can ignite. Always keep towels and oven mitts away from hot appliances.

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby

Make sure you have the correct type of extinguisher and know how to properly use it.

Turn off/ unplug appliances when not in use

This is a habit you should practice during all seasons of the year, but during the winter it is especially important. All lights, appliances, and other electrical equipment should be turned off or unplugged when they’re not in use. Before going on vacation, heading to bed, or even leaving the room, do a quick check to be sure there isn’t any energy waste. This will help you save on your electric bill while also avoiding overloading your circuits or a possible electric fire that could happen in response to a short circuit.

In the event of a kitchen fire:

By practicing safe cooking in the kitchen, you can help reduce the risk of fire or injury. If a fire does occur, it’s important to be prepared.

  • Your safety comes first. If you cannot safely extinguish a fire, get outside quickly, close the door behind you to contain the fire, and call 9-1-1.
  • Smother grease fires. To smother a small grease fire, slide a lid over the pan, turn off the stovetop, and leave the pan covered until it’s completely cooled. 
  • Keep oven and microwave fires contained. Turn off the heat and keep the door closed until the flames are completely out.

Heating Appliances Safety Tips

Have us inspect your heating system annually

You should always have a qualified professional inspect and clean your heating system annually. Doing so will catch any malfunctions or necessary repairs, and can prevent fires, so give us a call at .

Keep areas clear around sources of heat

Check the area around your furnace or boiler. Many heating equipment fires are a result of flammable materials and substances being kept too close to the furnace. Keep trash, paint and other flammable materials far away from your heating system.

Never leave portable heaters unattended

Never leave space heaters unattended or run them overnight while you are sleeping. Space heaters should also be plugged dirctly into a wall. Do not use an extension cord or power strip as they can overheat and cause a fire.

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